Soil disinfection films

For soil disinfection with chemical products, as well as for solarisation, PLASTIKA KRITIS proposes the following alternative solutions:

  • KRITIFIL® TIF, a 30 mic. totally impermeable 7-layer film with EVOH, certified for use with a broad array of chemical fumigants (1,3-D, chloropicrin, MITC, DMDS).
  • ORGASUN®, a 32 mic. Virtually Impermeable Film (VIF), which greatly reduces losses of chemical fumigants during soil fumigation. Its permeability to gases is 100-200 times lower than of a regular PE film of the same thickness. Practical experience in numerous countries since 1994 as well as official laboratory and field experiments have shown that, by use of ORGASUN®, it is possible to reduce by 50% the dosage of chemicals relative to the dosage used when fumigating with regular PE film, with the same results, making fumigation safer and more economic. In sunny areas it has been shown that ORGASUN® can reduce the time needed for an effective solarisation from 6-8 weeks to 4-5 weeks! This is because the biogases formed during solarisation are trapped in the soil and help "suffocate" the remaining pathogens. ORGASUN® is the ideal choice in case of combining solarisation and chemical fumigation.
  • Regular LLDPE film (usually 25-35 mic.) used for fumigation and solarisation. In most of the cases the film is UV-stabilized for a duration of 2 months. In the case of solarisation the film may contain anti-dripping additives which prevent the formation of droplets on its surface and increase the transmission of heat into the soil.

Upon request solarisation films can be provided with higher UV-stabilization so that they are maintained as mulching films after the solarisation.

For more information you may download our leaflet on these products: 

Films for soil disinfection

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