Plant & Equipment

The company's manufacturing facility in Iraklion-Crete is among the most modern worldwide in its field.

Production equipment is of the latest technology, with a very high degree of automation, on-line computer monitoring and control. Many of these systems have been developed in-house by the company's Engineering Department. Computerized logistic systems have been established to facilitate handling of raw materials and finished products by use of bar-codes. 

The production system is highly flexible, permitting to manufacture economically even small lots of a variety of products in order to satisfy specific customer demands. 

All production lines have been designed to process metallocenes, the latest generation of ultra-strong polyethylene resins that provide to the films unsurpassed mechanical properties. They are equipped with gravimetric feeders directly linked to the computerized control system of the line and special systems that measure the thickness of the film in thousands of points around its circumference causing the necessary adjustments to correct it. These systems yield films with excellent thickness uniformity, and no weak points that could lead to an easy tear during their utilization. 

Each line has different folding systems and fully automated winders capable of producing jumbo rolls as well as pre-cut rolls, on-line, according to customer requirements. 

Production of additive concentrates 

PLASTIKA KRITIS is the only agricultural films producer who manufactures in-house all additive concentrates (UV, IR, anti-drip, anti-fog, etc.) that provide to the films their special properties. This offers to PLASTIKA KRITIS a unique flexibility in producing, at lower cost, a wide range of films adapted to the specific requirements of each area or crop. The in-house production of these concentrates ensures the optimum selection of additives as well as the control of quality from A to Z, providing to the company a unique ability to combine competitive cost with outstanding quality.

International orientation