Research and Development

Research and development is of prime importance for creating innovative products that bring "value" to customers. The company's laboratory is one of the most sophisticated in the industry, while actual field experiments to test the properties of new films and their effects on various crops are conducted in its own agricultural research station in Crete. Several projects are also carried jointly with universities and well-known suppliers of polymers and additives. 

PLASTIKA KRITIS’ agronomic research station in Iraklion


Our agronomic research station is composed of 10 small greenhouses where we can follow systematically not only the performance of the films but also the progress of the cultivation in relation to the cover of each greenhouse. It enables us to draw useful information and conclusions as to the effect of each experimental type of greenhouse film on the crop ((earliness, size, yield etc.). The station is equipped with a meteorological station while all greenhouses have systems for sulfur spraying of the roof, so that we can study ways of improving the resistance and durability of our products under the most critical conditions.

International orientation