Global Colors Polska SA
Kedzierzyn Kozle, Poland

Established in 2001, GLOBAL COLORS POLSKA (GCP) is the largest masterbatch manufacturer in Poland. It supplies a wide range of color and additive concentrates to local and international plastic processors.

G.C.P. draws its strengths from the extensive market knowledge and experience of its executives as well as from the technology, know-how, broad product range, economies of scale and financial resources provided by the GLOBAL COLORS Group.

G.C.P's manufacturing facility is located in Kedzierzyn-Kozle, a strategic location in Central Europe. It is located between Katowice & Wroclav, two of the most important cities of Poland, and has a number of distribution centers at the main industrial areas of the country. Moreover, it is at a short distance from Czech Republic and Slovakia in the South, from the Baltic States in the North and only a few hours drive from Germany and Austria - thus being in a perfect position to satisfy clients in all these areas. 

The company offers a very broad range of colors with several thousand existing shades, while its laboratory develops many new color shades and additive formulations every day, based on demands of its clientele. 

New investments have been recently made in production space, new equipment and laboratory facilities to extend the company’s product development and manufacturing capabilities.

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