St Chamond, France

In 2006 PLASTIKA KRITIS acquired the assets of two famous and historic French agricultural film producers, Polyane and Prolen (Deltatex) and united them into a new company, AGRIPOLYANE.

AGRIPOLYANE is the leading French producer of greenhouse films, with exports to numerous countries around the world. It holds a patent on CELLOCLIM®, a unique 3-layer film with air bubbles in the middle layer, which provides better thermal insulation at night and a cooling effect during hot days.

AGRIPOLYANE also manufactures mulching, low-tunnel, silage and anti-corrosion films. One of its important products is BioPolyane, a fully biodegradable mulching film.

In 2010 it has started production of geomembranes, being the first and only producer of these products in France.

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