Pond Lining

PLASTIKA KRITIS manufactures strong and flexible polyethylene and polypropylene films for pond lining in agriculture and gardening. These liners are, usually, 0,3-0,5 mm thick and can be produced at large widths (up to 13 m at 0,3 mm and 10 m at 0,5 mm). They are fully recyclable, environment friendly, aquatic safe and offer a reliable and inexpensive solution for water storage or decoration purposes.

Pond liners can be supplied in various forms:

  • In jumbo-rolls of up to 1.000 kgs
  • In rolls of predetermined length.
  • In pre-welded pieces of up to 2.000 m2, ready-to-install in a pond.

They are made in black color or in color combinations (e.g. blue/black) and have a lifetime of 5-10 years depending on thickness and area of use.

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