Research & Development

Production of KRITILEN® masterbatches is supported by a continuous research and development effort.

Scientists, operating up to date laboratory equipment thoroughly monitor the performance of the products -from conception through to pilot-plant and standard production trials -prior to commercialization.

On-going communication with raw material and equipment suppliers, but above all with customers, ensures that the latest developments and technical requirements are closely followed and implemented.

Development of color shades following customers' requests is performed by computer color-matching systems enabling fast and reliable development of the shade-with the lowest cost formulation.

Intensive research effort is dedicated to the following key areas:

  • Successful and economic substitution of traditional pigments, whose use is controlled or which have been banned for toxicological or environmental reasons (heavy metals etc.) with new environmentally friendly organic pigments.
  • Optimisation of light and heat stabilisation of plastic products, making use of the best stabiliser systems. In this particular field, PLASTIKA KRITIS has a long tradition and experience, with technical staff that understands deeply the complexities of polymer stabilisation, and has developed its own formulations and know-how.
  • Research and development for masterbatches used in biodegradable products.

International orientation