Silage films

PLASTIKA KRITIS has become a synonym for quality and innovationn in silage films . The company has developed new solutions that offer more safety, better preservation of the forage and higher profit to the farmer.

  • SilO2Block®

The newest development is SilO2Block®, a 7-layer barrier film which limits oxygen permeation by more than 10 times relative to a standard silage film. It ensures a better fermentation and helps reduce spoilage, thus improving significantly the quality of the stored product. SilO2Block® is stronger than a standard 150 mic. film, lighter, very flexible, easy to install and fully recyclable.


  • Combi-Silo®

A strong 115 mic. silage film wound together on the same roll with a 35 mic. flexible underlay ! Combi-Silo® allows for faster, easier and safer covering of the silo.


  • Metallocene silage films

Very strong multi-layer 110-120 mic. silage films, made with metallocene polyethylene resins. They offer more safety and are easier to handle and to dispose for recycling.

  • Standard silage films

PLASTIKA KRITIS also manufactures standard silage films with a thickness of 125-200 mic.

Silage films can be offered with different colors, black/white, black/green and white/green being the most popular. They are UV-stabilized for 1 year or more and can be produced at widths up to 20 m.

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