Mulching films

Mulching films are used to prevent weed growth, to increase temperature of the soil, to prevent irrigation water from evaporating and to stabilise the soil. Special mulching films can provide additional benefits such as protection from insects and enhancement of growth.

PLASTIKA KRITIS' range of mulching films includes:

  •  Very strong thin films (15-25 mic.), made of selected LLDPE or metallocene resins, transparent, black or “fumed”.
  • Long-life black films (50-100 mic.), containing very fine particle size carbon-black and special antioxidants, for multi-season mulching of strawberries, vineyards etc.
  • Special effect films (usually 20-30 mic.), made of selected LLDPE resins and containing functional pigments and additives :

o     Brown film: allows the heat to pass and warm-up the soil during daytime, reduces heat losses during night, has adequate opacity to prevent weed growth.

o     Yellow film: attracts certain insects (such as the whitefly) on its surface and prevents them from damaging the plants.

o     Yellow/Brown co-extruded film: combines the benefits of yellow and brown films.

o     Green translucent film: offers adequate weed control and at the same time permits heating up of the soil.

o     Black/White film: ensures perfect weed control while reflectance by the white side increases the useful light received by plants.

o     Silver/Black film: prevents weed growth, while reflection by the silver repels insects and protects the plants from viruses.

  • Biodegradable films (12-14 mic.), made of proven biodegradable materials which are gradually but totally decomposed after use. A solution to the serious environmental problem caused by mulching films that remain in the soil.
  • Reflection films (35-70 mic.): highly reflective Black/White or White films that are laid on the soil of the greenhouse or glasshousewith the purpose of reflecting the sun and increasing light in the greenhouse or glasshouse during winter months. These films are widely used in hydroponic cultivations.


PLASTIKA KRITIS can offer mulching films with macro-perforation to allow easier, faster and more economic planting after lying out of the film. It is also possible the film to be micro-perforated.

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