KRITIFLEX® geomembranes

Geomembrane Liners are used in a variety of applications, such as: 

  • Landfill lining

To protect the groundwater from contamination.

  • Landfills capping

To prevent rainfall entering the landfill, to trap and properly vent the gases generated during decomposition of organic waste and to permit efficient revegetation and restoration of the area.

  • Waste-water treatment reservoirs 

To protect the groundwater sources or streams.

  • Manmade water reservoirs

To collect rain-water conserving the water resources.

  • Irrigation canals

To protect canals from erosion and leakage providing safe water transport and storage. 

  • Agriculture and Aquaculture

To preserve water quality, conserve and protect water recourses.  

  • Tunnels

To protect the structure against rain water and underground water pressure.

  • Earth dams

To stabilize the foundation of the structure.

  • Underground insulation of chemical plants, oil production facilities etc.

To prevent chemicals, oil etc. from polluting environment.

  • Mining

To prevent leakage of solution ponds recovering more metal and protecting the environment.  

  • Civil engineering projects

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