Low-tunnel films

Low-tunnel films are used to cover crops such as melons, watermelons, strawberries etc. for a relatively short period.

PLASTIKA KRITIS' range of low-tunnel films includes:

  • Very strong thin LLDPE films (15-25 mic.), which should be preferred for relatively late crops when it is not necessary to maintain the heat in the tunnel during night.
  • Special thermic films (30-80 mic.) for 1 or 2 seasons use, which ensure a smoother fall of temperature during night and result in higher night temperatures by 2-4°C relative to common PE films. They should be preferred for early crops to protect them from frost and obtain earlier harvest and improved yields.
  • "Cooling" films (20-50 mic.), which reflect the NIR radiation and prevent overheating of the tunnel, resulting in better plant growth and higher quality of crops in spring/summer cultivations.
  • Perforated films with 2 bands of holes that allow ventilation of the plants from the sides and less condensation of droplets, allowing more light to reach the plants.


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