HITEC BAG for silage and grain storage

Silage bags offer an easy, safe and economic way for temporary storage of maize, grass, grain and other products, allowing for optimal fermentation conditions and preservation of their nutrient value due to the tightness and lack of air inside them, even when the stored product contains up to a certain level of humidity.

PLASTIKA KRITIS can offer along with the bags the whole technology and machinery needed for filling the bags.

The HITEC BAG is made with a unique combination of advanced polyolefins, offering strength, softness, UV-resistance and low creep. The outer layers are white, in order to reflect the sun radiation and prevent over-heating of the stored product, while the inner layer is black to provide complete opacity and keep the contents in a cool and dark environment. The bag is guaranteed against UV degradation for 18-24 months, depending on the country of usage. HITEC BAGS are 100% recyclable.

HITEC BAGS are manufactured in a variety of sizes, from 5.2’ to 14’ in diameter and from 15 m to 150 m (50’ to 500’) in length. The thickness of the film varies according to the diameter and the application. HITEC BAGS come folded in a way that ensures easy and quick mounting on the bagging equipment and packaged in boxes that offer excellent protection during transport and handling. Every box includes tying rope, ruler for measuring the stretch and repair tape.

For more information on HiTeC Bags please visit our dedicated web-site www.hitecbag.com.

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