Care for our people

PLASTIKA KRITIS group, employees 1107 people in 7 countries.

The company's philosophy, as from its establishment in 1970, is that human resources are the most important asset of an enterprise.

The basic principles upon which human resource policies are based are:

  • Respect to the value of every individual person.
  • Creation of a family atmosphere where all levels of management and employees strive with creativity and devotion for the company's profitability and growth.
  • A friendly work environment.
  • Uncompromised standards relative to employees' health & safety.
  • On-going training of personnel to develop their skills.
  • Development of executives and specialists to the higher levels of management and responsibility, preferably, from inside the company.
  • Profit sharing schemes.

All production units have been certified according to ISO 45000 in respect to health and safety standards.

International orientation