Senkroma SA
Istanbul, Turkey

Established in 1997, SENKROMA specializes in high quality tailor-made color and additive masterbatches for synthetic fibers (BCF, CF & spun-bonded). It has become member of GLOBAL COLORS Group in 2001.

With its experience and specialized know-how, SENKROMA serves as the center of excellence of the Group for fiber & yarn applications. 

In 2011 SENKROMA started up a second plant in Gaziantep, at the south-east of Turkey, a city that has become one of the most important centers for production of fibers and carpets in the world. The Gaziantep plant concentrates in serving with high quality colors and very fast service the fiber industry.

At the same time the Istanbul plant has been converted with new equipment and facilities to produce a wide range of colors and additives for the Turkish plastics industry.

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