KRITIFIL® greenhouse films

Radiation below 400 nm is called Ultra-Violet (UV). Ιt is invisible to the human eye, and not used by plants for photosynthesis, however, it is important for photomorphogenesis and for the coloration of certain fruit and flowers due to its effect on anthocyanin creation. In particular, it is essential for red salads and some varieties of roses which require intense UV-light to develop their characteristic color.

PLASTIKA KRITIS offers “UV-Open” films that allow the full spectrum of UV-A & UV-B radiation to enter the greenhouse.

Apart from their use for enhancing color formation of red salads and certain varieties of roses, “ UV-Open” films are often preferred in red fruits and other crops to achieve more robust plants and better rooting. As this is very crop specific, our agronomists are at our customers’ disposal to discuss their potential usefulness. 

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