KRITIFIL® greenhouse films
Anti-drip effect

Droplets formed at the inside surface of greenhouse films due to water-condensation have negative consequences on plant quality and growth, as they reduce light-transmission by 15-30% and increase the incidence of certain diseases.


PLASTIKA KRITIS is manufacturing "anti-dripping" films that contain special additives which eliminate droplets and form instead a continuous thin layer of water running down the sides.


Anti-dripping films, when used properly, offer the following benefits:

  • More light in the greenhouse
  • Higher crop yield
  • Earlier harvesting
  • Better quality of crop, higher commercial value
  • Fewer diseases
  • Reduced need for pesticides

Important note: Anti-dripping films are mainly recommended for well ventilated and/or heated greenhouses, with adequate inclination of the roof. The "anti-dripping" effect lasts for up to 2 years, as the additives function by migrating to the surface of the film and are slowly washed out by water. Under certain circumstances there is mist (fog) formation in greenhouses covered with anti-dripping films. Such mist usually occurs at sun-set and dawn and is undesirable as it could cause damages to the plants. It is strongly advisable to ventilate and/or heat the greenhouse immediately, to remove this mist. Due to the complex mechanism of its activity and to the variety of parameters affecting its function, PLASTIKA KRITIS does not provide a warranty nor assumes any liability on the effectiveness and duration of the anti-dripping effect.

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