KRITIFIL® greenhouse films

The lifetime of a film depends on the quality and technical characteristics of the film and on the conditions of use (area, greenhouse type, installation, use of agrochemicals).

PLASTIKA KRITIS' range of greenhouse films includes products with a lifetime of up to 5 seasons, containing special combinations of UV-stabilisers and antioxidants that protect them from the harmful effect of UV light and heat for very long periods. All additive concentrates are manufactured in-house, to ensure absolute consistency in quality. UV-stabilizer formulations are based on the company's 45 years of experience and know-how in this field, that's why KRITIFIL® greenhouse films are known to always last longer than they are prescribed for.

Today, the most serious threat for the lifetime of a greenhouse film is the usage of agrochemicals, mainly those containing Sulfur & Chlorine. These chemical substances are of acidic nature; they permeate the film and interact with the UV-stabilizers thus deactivating them and blocking their activity, leaving the film unprotected from UV-radiation. Chlorine is even more harmful because it attacks even the polymer chains and decomposes them!

The harmful effect of agrochemicals is more pronounced in hot areas/periods and when the greenhouses have limited ventilation.

PLASTIKA KRITIS has developed special formulations with UV-stabilizers that are resistant against agrochemicals and can protect the film even under conditions of excessive usage of such products. Outside the traditional solutions of Nickel-quancher stabilizer which is inert to Sulfur and NOR or other specific HALS (Hindered Amine Stabilizers) and combinations thereof with UV-absorbers which can resist the attack of acidic chemicals up to a certain level, PLASTIKA KRITIS has recently presented its SULFUR-SAFE films which are totally safe against Sulfur and are at the same time colorless and bee-friendly.

For more information about  SULFUR-SAFE films you may download our leaflet on this product.

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