KRITIFIL® greenhouse films
Cooling effect

In many areas of the world there is growing requirement for films that cut-down excessive heat during day-time and maintain a cooler environment in the greenhouse. Particularly in the "tropics", in areas with strong sunlight and hot weather as well as in nurseries and for shadow-loving ornamental plants, the "cooling effect" is becoming more and more a requirement.


PLASTIKA KRITIS offers special types of films, which reflect and/or absorb the Near Infra-Red (NIR) Radiation, a the part of solar spectrum which is  useless for plants growth but carries most of the heat entering a greenhouse, thus reducing the heat inside the greenhouse during day-time. It has been demonstrated that the higher the outside temperature, the larger the temperature reduction achieved with "cooling" films.

PLASTIKA KRITIS' range of "cooling" films includes:

  • Our special double-effect "silver" film which contains tiny aluminum particles that reflect NIR radiation, offering cooling during hot days and better heat retention during cold nights. It is especially recommended for peppers and for countries with tropical climate
  • "Selective interference" films with pearl based pigments
  • Very high diffusion films

Note: after cold winter nights, temperature rise in the morning may be a little slower under "cooling" films than under conventional PE films

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